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Have you ever wanted to ride a motorbike but everything else seems to get in the way??

Here at CB Motorcycle Taining we offer the full training package from qualified instructors with proven track records for pass rates and DVSA assessments to provide first rate CBT's and motorcyle training.



If you're 16 or over and want to get on the road on two wheels you must complete a CBT course. The course takes one day and is split into 5 elements, alternating between classroom sessions (don't worry there's no test to sit! ), off road riding and a two hour road ride to end the day.


To obtain your full bike licence you must fall into one of 3 catergories and pass 2 motorcycle tests, Module 1 + Module 2. Module 1 is an off road test taken at a designated DVSA site, Module 2 is a 40 minute road ride test. 


A1-: Anyone 17 yrs old or over, can only be taken on a 125cc motorcycle and once passed can only ride a 125cc machine.


A2-: Anyone 19 yrs or over, can only be taken on a motorcycle with a maximum power output of 46.6BHP. Once passed can only ride a machine with the same maximum power output.


A, or DAS as it's known-: Anyone 24 yrs old or over , must be taken on a motorcycle with a minimum of 595cc. Once passed you can ride any motorcycle you like!! 








Training details and prices-:



Start from as little as £130 with your own bike, £150 using ours. A £50 booking fee will be required when you call to book.

Price includes hire of the bike, helmet and gloves.

Duration 9am-4pm



All lessons run for 3 hours, 9am-12pm, and 1pm-4pm. They include at least 2 and 3/4 hours on the bike then a brew and a debrief at the end to see where you can improve for next lesson.


All lessons from A1, A2 and A are £100 per lesson

All prices include bike hire, use of our helmets and gloves.






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